A brief introduction to the switcher and its application fields

001Switcher is a device used in multi-camera studio or location production to connect selected videos by cutting, overlapping, and drawing images, and then create and embed other stunts to complete the production of the program. The main function of the switchboard is to provide convenience for timely editing, selecting various video clips and connecting them one by one through transition techniques.

The basic functions of the switchboard are: (1) Select a suitable video material from several video inputs; (2) Select a basic conversion between two video materials; (3) Create or access special effects. Some switchers can automatically convert the Audio of the program according to the video of the program, called AFV (Audio follow Vedio) function. The panel of the switchboard has a number of buses, each bus has a number of buttons, each button corresponds to an input.

Switch: Also called hard cut, refers to the change of one picture to another without transition. If you want machine 1 to play, press the button of machine 1; When you want machine 2 to play, press the button of machine 2, this process is called cutting.

Overlay: The process by which two images overlap or blend with each other, usually with a push rod. Through overlapping paintings, the exchange of two pictures can be more harmonious, so as to achieve more artistic effects.

Black from black to black: black from a black field into an image, black from a broadcast image into a black field. The steps of operation are:Directly press the FTB key, and the screen will go black.

Today, switching stations is becoming more and more sophisticated. In the early days, they were engaged in professional TV broadcasting, news media, TV stations and other fields, but now they begin to extend to the general public, especially the birth of new media, the rise of we-media, and the explosive growth of live broadcasting. There are also training in the field of education, the holding of small events, the rise of video conferencing and other industries are fully beginning to use this switch.

Post time: Jul-03-2023