Multi-scenario application of industrial tablet computer in warehousing and logistics field and intelligent factory MES system

Affected by the outbreak of industrial automation market, the warehousing and logistics industry has also ushered in industrial changes. A variety of digital equipment has begun to be applied in many links such as cargo picking, storage, packaging and transportation of the warehousing and logistics system. MES system is the core of intelligent factory, which provides digital control of the production process. It can help enterprises realize the precision, high efficiency and transparency of the production and processing process. In the process of MES hardware architecture configuration, industrial tablet computer is an important part of it.


In recent years, the rise of labor cost, the expansion of business scale, the rapid change of market demand and other problems have brought enormous pressure of production management to manufacturing enterprises. The upsurge of industry 4.0 is not back, digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of things (platform) and other concepts followed one after another, making many manufacturing enterprises begin to actively introduce intelligence into the most basic factory in the industry, through the construction of intelligent factory to improve the flexible production capacity, production efficiency and reduce labor costs. In the construction of smart factory, MES (manufacturing execution management system) construction is the main body.


The essence of industrial tablet computer is an industrial control computer specially used in the industrial field. Because it has more powerful environmental adaptability, expansibility and ease of use compared with ordinary commercial machines, it is favored by customers in the field of industrial automation and has become the best platform for various digital control and human-computer interaction applications. Based on this, the construction of smart factories and the transformation and upgrading of the warehousing and logistics industry in automation, intelligence and information technology also begin to actively integrate the embedded application of industrial tablet computers.


At present, the application of industrial tablet computer in warehousing and logistics center has been very complete, such as the application of automatic three-dimensional library numerical control display, storage forklift application and warehousing and warehousing assembly line application, through the integrated design of host and touch-able HD display, to provide man-machine touch interface for administrators. When it is applied in the warehouse forklift, the intelligent hardware such as camera is installed, which also supports the transmission and processing of video/image data and high-definition display, so as to assist the driver to confirm the accuracy of material conveying through the display.


MES system is the key for manufacturing enterprises to realize operation management intelligence in automatic factory production and cooperative office. On the basis of MES system, it interacts with PCS system, WMS system, ERP system, etc., and uses computer control technology, network communication technology, sensing technology, artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things application service platform technology, etc., to establish the internal interconnection network architecture of the factory. It can help the factory to realize management plan, production scheduling, time planning and management, monitoring and quality control, real-time production data collection, emergency response and other functions.


But in the process of the MES application in intelligent factory floor, still need to achieve organic combination between management system and production equipment, and use the basic hardware, such as industrial tablet form a can realize the platform architecture of connectivity within the facility, factory digital design, process optimization, lean production, visual management, quality control and trace.

Post time: Sep-08-2022